From strategy and design to delivery, we create easy-to-read, informative and entertaining publications

that look good.


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Managing large or small teams of journalists, sub-editors and designers to produce top quality magazines, websites, newsletters and other publications.

  • Guiding magazines and websites from concept and design, to launch and day-to-day operation; 

  • Managing redesigns in collaboration with designers and publishers;

  • Building communities through synergistic events, publications and communications.


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Experienced feature writer, news reporter, commentator, reviewer and blogger.

  • Accuracy: We check our facts. We hate sloppy journalism; 

  • Investigation: Good journalism needs good research. We dig deep, discover complexities and present them in a coherent manner;

  • Entertainment: We write articles people like to read and we encourage our journalists to express an opinion;

  • .Community: People like reading about people. We like meeting people, interviewing people and writing about people.



Producing marketing content for  businesses ranging from international law firms to development banks and industry associations. All benefit from a style of writing that gets their message across without jargon or waffle.

Services include:

  • Website copy such as case studies, profiles or blogs; 

  • Reporting from company events or conferences;

  • Ghost writing opinion pieces for  company executives;

  • Research on new markets or competitors.